Considering Installation of Solar Home Heating System

Solar energy is practically available to an unlimited extent unlike the fossil fuels. Most advanced heating systems can be combined with solar panels for hot water heating purposes or feed excess heat into the heating circuit.

Using solar radiation as heat energy is well-known as solar thermal heating. Here are some of the best benefits discussed below:

Solar Space Heaters

  • Endless amount of energy at free of charge
  • No carbon-dioxide emissions during the operation
  • Cost savings – around 60% less energy to heat water and up to 35% less energy for space heating
  • No consumption of fossil fuels
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Work efficiently even during winter

Solar heating system is a perfect way to harness the solar energy. With advanced evacuated tubes solar collectors, a solar heater can operate in temperature at minus 40. Northern Lights solar home heating systems use a special solar glycol heating fluid that can work in arctic temperatures. These heaters will stand high temperatures up to 480F.

The solar collectors start capturing heat and the heat then moves to the house through a closed loop system. The heat can be transferred through radiant floor heating loops, hydronic radiators or air to water heat exchanger placed in a forced air furnace.

The whole heating loop gets controlled by a pump and a solar differential controller. The controller improves the level of system performance while switching on or off the pump as required.

Most home heating kits come with an energy storage tank, a high insulated tank capable of heat storage for days until it’s needed. However, the homes throughout Northern USA and Canada need enough heat energy during night time when there’s no availability of solar energy. The solar energy gets stored in the storage tank to use in the future. The storage tank works like a battery in a solar PV kit.

What are the Benefits of Evacuated Tube Collectors?

  • Greater level of energy efficiency and maintain consistency even with less sunlight and diffuse light
  • Need less roof space for the same output
  • Can be utilized on non-south oriented roof surfaces
  • Produce higher temperatures and can be combined high temperature heating kits

How Do You Size Home Heating System Properly?

Every home is different. The size of house, its climate condition and the insulation value of home will play a key role in choosing a right solar space heating system. The larger system the more storage will be required.

Generally, 1 x 30 tube vacuum collector for every 300 square feet is recommended in Northern Climates. But you can reduce to 1 x 20 tube vacuum collector for every 400 square feet in warmer climates.

In addition to, the storage tank should be sized equally to match the number of collectors. A rule of thumb is necessary when it comes to storage size. Most storage tanks are available in 50, 80 and 119 gallon sizes.

If you have larger home, you should add multiple storage tanks and run them in parallel. It’s highly suggested to have minimum 40 gallons per 30 tube collectors; so a three collector system will need 120 gallon of storage tank.

Bottom Line –

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